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Whether you are experienced in the Sedona Method or just starting out, consistent, expert coaching can give you the tools to get the most from the Method.

Read how my clients have dropped addictions, freed themselves of unwanted habits, gained peace, happiness, resolved relationship issues, made anxiety and depression a thing of the past, and enjoy their lives with greater creativity, vitality and ease.

Resolved relationship issue

ê ê ê ê ê      Lee Ann Cox

Thank you so much for helping me with the release work last week.  I was really stuck in that situation.  It was surrounded by so much strong emotion that I just couldn't progress and was at a loss as to what to do.

I felt compelled to make a decision about a relationship and couldn't take any rational action because of the emotion.  Immediately after releasing I felt better, lighter.  But here is the amazing part - within 2 hours of talking with you, the person I was having difficulty with called!  That was the first time I had heard from them since the incident that caused me so much trauma.  When I saw the name on caller ID I actually laughed.

Because I had released the emotion I was able to have a normal conversation with this person and as a result, they were able to say/do what they needed to do to resolve the situation.  It is easy to forget our interconnectedness.  I can just visualize him out there wanting to call me, but dreading it, and then suddenly feeling that it was okay.  It was a beautiful thing to be a part of.  Thanks again for all your help.

Bolder and more confident

ê ê ê ê ê      Suellen L.

I’ve been using the Sedona Method since 2007 and have been to at least six retreats and had many releasing partners. I can release more easily and deeply with Susan than with any of them.

My sessions with Susan have enabled me to be bolder and more confident with my properties and investments, really in everything I do. I’ve been able to let go of issues that I haven’t dealt with for years and find peace and freedom in areas that used to be really painful. Without the sessions, I wouldn’t take as many chances or feel empowered to take on challenges.

Whatever comes up, a session with Susan brings complete peace and clarity.  

Happiness and peace

ê ê ê ê ê      Margot Gosselink

I've a much quieter mind now and am more able to experience happy feelings. I'm delighted with the peace I feel now. Big smile on my face!

Peace and calmness

ê ê ê ê ê      Marian from Maine

Words do not attest to the peace and calmness I feel since I learned the Sedona Method and most especially since I've been working with Susan as my personal coach. Her expertise is invaluable and makes releasing so much more effortless and powerful. She is so effective that I've found even a 20 minute session to be more effective that hours of releasing on my own! Truly her abilities as a Sedona Coach are a gift that I hope many who are using the Sedona Method will take advantage of.

Within 2 months orders more than tripled

ê ê ê ê ê      Zachary Milkovich

I'm more empowered and happier than ever. Susan has really helped me create the life I choose for myself.

When I started coaching with Susan in June, my business was in a several-years-long slump, I had to lay off several workers, and I considered work a kind of prison. Within 2 months, orders more than tripled, and by the end of 5 months, business was just pouring in - I had to hire more employees and research opening a second branch. Susan showed me how to do this while reducing my stress, making time to lose weight (another goal), and starting a second career I consider to be my true life's work. Wow!

I recommend Susan's coaching to everyone I speak with regarding personal growth and improving business. Susan's methods, knowledge, and experience helped me to save my business, improve my family relationships and to lose weight. Plus she's so much fun to work with!

From being an employee to running my own business

ê ê ê ê ê      David S.

Susan stands out as the most exceptional releasing coach I have ever worked with. She takes releasing to a whole other more powerful level. She has helped me release deep blocks to my success and happiness that I thought would never be overcome. Working with her has helped me to enjoy more personal and financial success than ever before -- I went from being an employee to running my own business, I'm enjoying authentic and loving communication with those close to me, and I'm feeling more and more satisfied with myself and my life.  I recommend Susan to my closest family and friends as the absolutely best resource they could have in releasing.

Better than the support calls

ê ê ê ê ê      Delilah Praete

I want to thank you again for the sessions...they are amazing. As fantastic as your support calls are, the sessions are that great multiplied by one million.

No longer anxious around men

ê ê ê ê ê      LM

I'm enjoying life more, and feeling more at ease. I had a pattern of not putting my own well-being first, of putting other peoples' needs ahead of mine to my own detriment. I also had trouble sleeping and low self-esteem, especially around men. I had a sense of being frightened around men, even my boyfriend, who is very gentle and supportive.

After four 1-hour sessions, I feel a deep sense of ease, I'm sleeping better and I'm more in tune with my own feelings. I vocalize what I feel and want, and I'm less vulnerable to others' opinions. My boundaries are healthier, I'm sticking up for myself. And I'm no longer anxious around men. I definitely feel more freedom, more relaxed and at home in my own skin.

Life is moving at a very fast pace

ê ê ê ê ê      Marshal

Every session I have with Susan is a delight.  My life is suddenly moving at a very fast pace. My goals are changing toward things that really matter to me.  And I'm enjoying myself.

Well-being, peace and possibility

ê ê ê ê ê      Cynthia G.

Through working with Susan, I learned to release much more effectively. Releasing with Susan and listening to her guidance helped me get to a sense of well-being, peace and possibility.  For me, she really helped turn the Sedona Method from a theoretical technique I read about in a book into a useful, reliable tool I can use anywhere and anytime. I highly recommend her if you're ready to take that next step to transform your life and let go of what's holding you back.

More relaxed in a stressful situation

ê ê ê ê ê      Felipe Garcia

Thank you, Susan. The imagery process you recommended for when under stress is really helpful. I actually tried it today during a stressful situation and felt more relaxed in the middle of the situation.

Way beyond my normal releasing

ê ê ê ê ê      John Ryan

I can release with Susan in ways I could never do alone. She's skillful at finding alternate questions and methods that I could never think of by myself, that take me way beyond my normal releasing.                    

From hopelessness to excitement

ê ê ê ê ê      Kristin Ferguson

I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance and releasing help. Since you've been working with me and helping me to release some feelings and beliefs, I've been doing so much better. I really appreciate how easy you make it to work together on what I see now as my "past issues."

I feel like you have a natural talent as a coach, and an intuitiveness as to where to go next with me in the releasing process. I've had some true insights into my beliefs about limitations, and you've helped to open up the space in which to let those beliefs and feelings go. I can honestly say that I have a great sense of excitement about what I can now see as possibilities, where before I was feeling a sense of hopelessness.

Thank you Susan. You've helped me "get back on the horse", so to speak, and ride back into my own beingness!

Being able to achieve what I want

ê ê ê ê ê      Aselle

Releasing with Susan definitely took my experience with the Sedona Method to a next level. Susan was able to reveal things to me about me and my beliefs that I basically had no idea about. Finding out the fears and beliefs that were the hidden obstacles in my life made it so much more easier to let go of them and definitely feel a lot more free. Some of the gains while I released with Susan include: letting go of jealousy, guilt and shame, feeling confident and secure in being able to achieve what I want.

Susan makes releasing very easy and fun, she possesses amazing intuition and knows what actually is at issue. Watch out - she knows little tricks that will make you let go of things you thought were stuck with you forever!                                                       

Able to let go of a personal life trauma

ê ê ê ê ê      Stephen, USA

I was able to let go of a personal-life trauma that happened 35 years ago. It was a painful memory; but now, I don't even remember the event. If you feel good and want to improve your personal effectiveness, Susan can help. If you have painful memories or some sticky points in your life, Susan is willing to go wherever you need to go, without judgment. Once I learned that I could trust her, she directed me in a way that brought out my best life ever!                                          

Complete letting go

ê ê ê ê ê      B. D.

I feel more relaxed, free and happy. I don't have any of the sense of isolation and loneliness that I had before. The belief that others had attitudes about me, they are gone too. I don't project that anymore, so it doesn't show up in my life. For the first time I feel much freer and happier. My social situation has picked up too because I am not isolating my self with false beliefs anymore. Susan's deep caring and her work, really works!   The statement for the work Susan has done with me is one of complete letting go. It is worth the time, effort and fee. And I will call her again with much love and deep appreciation.

Great progress from one session

ê ê ê ê ê      Jeanne

Hi--wanted to let you know changes I've noticed. For starters I can't remember what we worked on. Maybe I could if I worked at it, but why?

* Virtually no negative self talk. Love it.

* Great discussion re my raise and bonus. A week later, I got a large raise. No bonuses this year because of lay-offs/economy. The raise doesn't enable me to support the two of us, but it was the largest raise I've ever gotten and was tremendous movement in the right direction.

* No self put downs. This is wonderful.

More to follow as I have more time to let this unfold and notice what happens!

Great progress. Thanks so much for your help.

Profound and lasting relief

ê ê ê ê ê      Jan Johnson

Susan is a wonderful coach and a compassionate human being.  Intelligent and sensitive, her releasing skills are highly effective--she seems to always know just what to say at the right moment.  Through her gentle guidance and comforting presence, I have experienced profound and lasting release (or relief) from anxiety and stress, and at times, physical pain.  Listening with all of her senses, Susan is highly attentive to the needs of her clients. She is quite simply, a joy to work with and I  highly recommend her as a coach.

Amazing benefit

ê ê ê ê ê      Dan Hoffman, longtime releasing student

Susan Seifert is an outstanding coach. I have benefited tremendously from her one-on-one and group sessions. Susan has a refined talent for picking up on the subtleties of where you're at, asking the right question at the right time. Her encouraging and compassionate nature makes working with her a joy, and her humor makes for a lot of laughs! One of the greatest benefits to working with Susan is her emphasis on ease over strain and naturalness over process. This is an amazing benefit not to be missed!

Tremendous improvement

ê ê ê ê ê      Anonymous

What I experienced with one of the phone release sessions we had was a great improvement in the weakness and stiffness I was feeling in my legs.  I was laying down on the hotel bed for the session and afterward I got up to walk to the office and there was a tremendous improvement.... a freedom in my gait and more sense of strength and stability.  This impressed me because I was experiencing what for me was a challenging situation....being away from home in extreme heat and humidity with a critically ill parent to be patient advocate for.  That the releasing could not just help me deal with the immediate situation but also temporarily help a chronic health condition gave me hope that perhaps more progress could be made in the health arena....maybe more than I'd imagined.  I appreciate the dedication you show as a coach and advocate.  I feel you're there 200%.  You provide a perfect space for me to release deeply.

Too numerable to calculate

ê ê ê ê ê      JW

Working with you over the last couple of years has had positive effects too numerable and too multi-layered to calculate or properly acknowledge.  Without going into personal details, I will try to recall some of the milestones reached with your deft, intuitive and deeply intelligent approach.

1.  Extreme relief from the stress of the harsher disappointments and hurts in my life... relief that has proven to be permanent.  I no longer feel 'broken' from the heartaches I've lived through.

2.  Release from the inner limitations which were disallowing me to achieve my creative and financial potential.... I am now enjoying a very successful career as a self-employed and wonderfully well-paid landscape designer.

3.  Freedom from my life-long plague of seeking approval from others.... There used to be so much deep, yet hidden pain on this issue it was almost unbearable to face and deal with.  Now it has zero charge for me.

4.  For about 6 years I've been dealing with some difficult health issues which included debilitating pain every day and night.   Apparently it's wedged into my 'reality' pretty firmly, but there have been times - working with you - when the relief was nothing, I repeat, Nothing short of miraculous... and those miracles have lasted sometimes for as long as 4 or 5 months, when all symptoms would entirely dissolve.  You have given me the tools to help myself, and when I use them I am always rewarded with improvements.

5.  Most recently I sought your help to eliminate the inner obstructions that blocked my ability to support myself in a mature, healthy and respectful relationship with a good man.  We took an hour, and some of the 'junk' that was 'loosened' up and released brought tears that I didn't know were in there.  But they're out now... replaced by an openness, a freedom, an innocence and spontaneity I could never have achieved with positive thinking or even with transcending alone.  Those kinds of hurts needed quick and efficient 'surgery,' and that's just what you very purposefully administered.  Already I can see that I'm relating much more naturally to appealing men that I meet, instead of shutting down or shying away.  Very sweet.  

I can't believe the progress I've made

ê ê ê ê ê      Athena Andriakos

Working with Susan is, in a word, amazing. I've been to many live retreats and released with many people, but I've found Susan's creative and innovative use of the Method to be exceptionally effective.  She has helped me time and time again. After each session I can't believe the progress I've made and the insights I've had.  I recommend her without reservation.    

Blown away

ê ê ê ê ê      Denise Barry, Author, "What Does the Tooth Fairy Do with Our Teeth?"

I've been releasing with Susan for over a year now and am literally a different person today.  She's coached me through some very rough times, and I am always blown away by how much better I feel afterwards.  Basically, I can tell her anything, and have.   She is always sensitive, calm and consistent, and I never feel judged.  I have positively changed the way I feel about everything and everyone in my life, and am beginning to experience bliss for the first time ever!  I am so grateful to have Susan in my life.

Job, money, relationships, peace, laughter

ê ê ê ê ê      Jim B. MN

Susan is a fantastic releasing coach! I have been practicing the Sedona Method for 10 years, have been to a retreat and done tele-seminars with Hale, and have regular calls with releasing buddies. But I pay Susan to coach me in letting go because she is so effective.

Example: within 2 weeks of starting coaching with Susan, I got a job - and not just any job but as CEO (and I hadn't even applied for it!). My relationship with my family has improved, and I enjoyed peace during my most recent visit with my parents. Most of our sessions include lots of laughter, because Susan is so much fun. Hmmmm! Job, money, relationships, peace and laughter? What more could I ask for?!

Issues that were decades old simply dissolved

ê ê ê ê ê      Diane Stewart

My releasing sessions with Susan were deeply healing.  Issues that were decades old simply dissolved. When I think of how nervous I felt  about doing a private session with Susan,  I am grateful that some grace  gave me the courage. If  you feel you are a shy person, or  feel afraid to try a coaching session with someone as awesome as Susan, please allow yourself this heart-full gift.

Makes it comfortable to see to the plain truth

ê ê ê ê ê     Gunny Sodhi, Ayush Herbs, Inc., Redmond, WA

Releasing with Susan is great. She makes it very comfortable to see through "your" story to the plain truth. She has great ways to help you release onto what you thought you would not be able to let go of. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs that extra kick with releasing.

Progress belongs 'in the realm of magic'

ê ê ê ê ê      Julia Tunariu

More than a year ago I began participating in Susan's facilitation monthly support calls. The clarity of insight when she works with people and overall the amazing ability and effectiveness of her leading the calls struck me.

I am also a coach and one of the inactive Sedona Method Instructors. I learned the Sedona Method in 1997 and 1999 during 2 Instructor Retreats that were held at that time. For about 3 years I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs and for more than one year I have lived in a state of deep peace. There were moments of awareness during sleep and releasing was happening continuously even at that time. I spent hours at a time in a breathless and thoughtless state, there were moments when instant thought materializations surprised me, my business quatrupled... life was bliss. Somehow after these heavenly peak experiences, things began to gradually descend into what I can call hell. Before I knew it, 'trying to figure out how come 'I' lost it' took the place of the inner silence.

I continued to go to many retreats and I remember Hale telling me to let go wanting back this experience... but I could not hear him. I was too blind in my search for freedom and I wanted back this inner peace so badly and in time I have gradually entered a deep depression.

To sum it up, for the last 10 years I have been in and out of depression but in the last three years the stuckness and the continuos murmur of unrest began to reflect in many areas of my life. I closed my business and I lived mostly from savings and some sort of sporadic income. I found it very hard to work because of my depression. I began to isolate myself from society, but the heaviest thing to live through was the waking up in the morning with a dreadful feeling and with no desire to live.

However, I continued releasing with partners over Skype and I continued to go from teacher to teacher in the hope that I'll find my way out. In the end I found a great teacher whose simple teaching is similar to the fifth way of the Sedona Method and at one point I began working on a project but most of the time I saw no purpose in doing anything and suicidal thoughts hit strong again. Nothing was changing in a positive direction in my life... Releasing seemed on the surface, almost ineffective... money became very thin... and to deal with isolation I found a friend in cheap indian cigarettes and I began smoking.

One day I received a link to join Susan's monthly calls. I was listening to her calls from time to time but as the calls evolved I began to sense that Susan's innovative and effective ways of applying the Method comes out from a place of great clarity and freedom and the easiness with which people responded to her guidance struck me. I asked her in one of the calls for assistance and by the end of the call something shifted. Soon after, I decided to move ahead with my life as suicide wasn't an option...but I was really stuck and action taking was not on my habits for a very long time.

I signed up for Susan's private coaching. As my money came to a low limit, I worked with Susan for 4 weeks and working in private with her was generous and rewarding. She found ways around my resistance to help me dissolve the most sticky feelings, wants and stories but her coaching expertise extends beyond the Sedona Method. The combination of her coaching skills helped me to move into effective action taking and have insights into 'That which is always here' into freedom itself.

The progress I made since I put my trust in Susan's skillful guidance 'belongs to the realm of magic'. In as little as 4 weeks;

*I began to take actions to bring my project to realization instead of just day dreaming... I began to work on a business plan that I have to present. I must say that until this point, I had incredible resistance towards even reading a business plan but now I am looking forward to plan it properly. In fact the day after I've worked with Susan, I found out that my next door neighbour is a professional business plan advisor and he was happy to come to my help.

*I took a reflexology course a year ago but here too there was resistance as all I could see was difficulty in going further ! Now I found enthusiasm to find people for my case studies and to prepare to my practical exam to become a certified reflexologist.

*By the end of the sessions I dropped the smoking in one day.

*The dreadful morning feeling and the murmur of unrest are gone.

*I find myself resourceful. For example, one day last week, nothing went as planned and I had nothing to do but here too was a change as I found myself having fun cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen, an impossible thought and task to do while I was depressed.

*When I wake up I look ahead in what I can do next for my project.

*I feel lighter and I got back my sense of humour and I am laughing more.

So if you are looking to put an end to your life drama, Susan is absolutely wonderful to work with in private sessions and I highly recommend her skilfull coaching !

So if you are looking to put an end to your life drama, I highly recommend working with Susan in private sessions!

Heavy nicotine addiction ended

ê ê ê ê ê      Jacob A.

Susan is very skilled and kind when working with consciousness, and with her guidance It felt like we were able to release things in a more compassionate and focused and unforced way. During our few weeks working together my heavy nicotine addiction came to an end and I believe I have become better company to myself, in other words, I'm not fighting myself so much.”

Each day is more enjoyable

ê ê ê ê ê      HE

Some words of thanks, Susan, for the great progress you have facilitated with your consulting expertise.  After consulting with you I have found each day more enjoyable and each challenge an interesting puzzle to solve rather than a stress to bear.  This has added great comfort to my life. Thank you!

Releasing is transformed, meditation is transformed, life feels different

ê ê ê ê ê      RM

One week since the the Way seminar, I wanted to give you a brief report of my experience.

It was a beautiful class, smooth and relaxed.  It all felt so natural, I didn't really realize until afterward that something unusual had happened.  I just noticed that when you asked, "If all those (attributes) are not you, then what are you?" I suddenly saw how impossible to locate the self when no object exists.  And for the first time, the self which is nothing was an experience, not a concept!  I think I have been hanging out in the Void for almost 50 years.

So - releasing is transformed, meditation is transformed, life feels different

Thank you with all my heart for leading us Home so gently and so masterfully!

Huge issues simple fall apart

ê ê ê ê ê      Heather McNab, Author of: "What Top Professionals Need to Know about Answering Job Interview Questions".

Doing private sessions with Susan is incredible.  When I feel like life events are swallowing me whole, Susan taps into my heart and soul with her kind and gentle guidance. Huge issues just simply fall apart into nothingness so I can easily and effortlessly move forward.    And best of all, she gives me ways to incorporate what I learn from her into my daily practice and my life.  

Worth every moment spent

ê ê ê ê ê      Judee Nerren

Worth every moment spent. My whole sense of being has transformed. infinite - love & gratitude.

Through working with Susan, I learned to release much more effectively. Releasing with Susan and listening to her guidance helped me get to a sense of well-being, peace and possibility.  For me, she really helped turn the Sedona Method from a theoretical technique I read about in a book into a useful, reliable tool I can use anywhere and anytime. I highly recommend her if you're ready to take that next step to transform your life and let go of what's holding you back.

                                 --- Cynthia G.

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