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Lester Levenson, founder of the Sedona Method, discovered early on that love, and more particularly loving, brought him the greatest happiness. A large part of his journey involved replacing non-love feelings with love, which he called 'squaring it all with love'.

In this teleseminar, you will learn how to use Lester's method for replacing non-love feelings with love. You will discover how easy it is to allow the power of love to transform your daily experience and deepen your releasing.

I've given teleseminars on this theme before. I'm inspired to offer this again because I have some refreshed material and releases to bring out.

These are the releases that most often bring tears of relief to my clients as the parts that have been lacking finally receive what they have been seeking. It's a delightful way to let go, and profoundly transforming to rediscover that love is already, always, fully present. No more seeking.

The teleseminar will also include the newer forms of releasing including the 5th Way and Free Way. The call will include plenty of long group releases and time for questions, sharing and one-on-one assistance.

I hope you can join us live, but don't worry if you can't. The call will be recorded and available to all who register.

Schedule & Logistics

The Retreat took place online on January 14, 2023, but you can still register and have the recordings.

Cost: $79

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In the two years since I was introduced to Susan's Power of love teleseminars, I have regularly used the amazing variety of releasing techniques involving Love – most of which Susan developed herself. I find these relatively simple Love releases easy to use and they are very effective and powerful. They have had a huge impact in my life – I feel more open, loving and accepting of myself, situations and other people. My relationships with others have improved remarkably – people generally seem to be more pleasant to me nowadays.

These Love releases are helping me right now get through a particularly stressful time with more ease and peace and love.

I have also used these Love releases in facilitating other people with much success – they are often surprised and delighted to experience the benefits of such unusual love releases.

             --  Michele Kon

The Power of Love was an amazing tele-seminar. Susan gave us the opportunity to experientially explore love and how it can easily be included in our practice to make the method even more powerful and simple.

The 3 hours seemed exponentially more, as if we had taken a week long retreat. I went through a profound shift, experiencing freedom from longstanding limitations, and a much deeper understanding of the method to apply on my own. I highly recommend you take this course!

-- Dan Hoffman, Santa Cruz,

I have now listened to the teleseminar twice now and get more out of it each time. I think it will become a "regular" booster shot for me.

              -- Michael McPherson

Thank you very much for the Love seminar. I found it revolutionary. It super charged Sedona Method for me and my clients.

            ---Agata Nowicka, psychotherapist and bioenergy therapist, Ireland

The Power of Love

Special 3-hour 'Mini-Retreat' on The Power of Love

Lester Levenson