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The Sedona Method is the 'how-to' of letting go - a series of simple questions that allow you to effortlessly drop feelings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Letting go can free you from the hurt, anger, fear and regret from unhappy past events and traumas — the conscious and unconscious blocks that prevent you from success, health, love and all the good things in life.

Letting go brings an even greater gift: The real ‘You’ that is uncovered by even a little letting go — an unshakeable inner peace and happiness some call the ‘kingdom of heaven’. The saying ‘Happiness comes from within’ refers to this. It is always available within you.

This method really works. My coaching clients have eliminated long-standing crippling pain, increased their income, improved their relationships and moved beyond limiting beliefs, fears and self-doubt into love, peace, and happiness. I am committed to helping you experience this too!

You can learn the Sedona Method from the Basic Sedona Method Audio Course, the Sedona Method book, or with Sedona Method Coaching.

However you learn the Sedona Method, take advantage of the letting go support offered by my free support calls. It’s an opportunity to get one-on-one assistance, have your questions answered, deepen your experience and confidence, and gain greater understanding.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me.

Expert one-on-one coaching can help you get the most out of the Sedona Method and release core issues exceptionally quickly.

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Every session I have with Susan is a delight. My life is suddenly moving at a very fast pace. My goals are changing toward things that really matter to me.  And I'm enjoying myself.

-- Marshal

What is the Sedona Method?

The Sedona Method is the 'how to' of letting go

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